grace santorini reception terrace low resAt Grace Hotels guests feel connected to our richly diverse destinations and to have the opportunity to immerse themselves in the local culture with insider access and insights. This is why Grace Hotels created Bespoke by Grace Experiences: a series of experiences unique to each hotel and its location, centred on themes including culture, gastronomy, adventure, family, romance and wellbeing.

Whether you are a passionate wine enthusiast and wish to blend your own wine at a boutique winery in Argentina, or you simply want to find a romantic picnic spot in a hidden location in Mykonos, Grace Hotels' Bespoke experiences are designed to create memorable journeys, leaving you feeling enriched and inspired.

Alongside the many inspirational adventures Grace Hotels offer, they will not forget the smaller details and personal touches that can really make the difference. Bespoke by Grace also offers you a truly personalised in-room experience, by allowing you to customise numerous aspects of your stay before you arrive. Bespoke in-room options span a choice of pillows, room fragrances, bathroom products and special romantic touches such as Champagne every evening.

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